October Workshops

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Join us for Kaplan University Writing Workshops in October. The focus for October is Research Writing.   To view the live workshops and complete schedule, click this link:   Writing Workshop Link (login required).

Quick Tips: How to Paraphrase  10/7 8 pm ET                       This workshop explains how to write and cite a paraphrase. It demonstrates how and when to paraphrase the words and ideas in your sources so you can write your paper.

How to Use Westlaw: Part II  10/ 9 @ 8 pm ET                                  Learn to effectively navigate Westlaw to gain access to cases and statutes.

Research Writing Basics 10/14  pm ET                                                                  This 30-minute Quick Tips workshop explains the basic steps of the research process from beginning to end. This research overview gets you started researching and writing

Quick Tips: How do I Cite Myself? 10/17 @ 2 pm ET                          Are you writing a paper and you want to cite or reference some of your previous papers or ideas? This workshop defines self-citation and explains when and how to cite yourself.

Quick Tips: How to Write an Annotated Bibliography 10/23 @ 8 pm ET                                                                                                                      This workshop demonstrates the look of an annotated bibliography, and it gives examples of the different types of notations used in an annotated bibliography

How to Write an Abstract 10/29, @ 9 pm ET                                            Join us to discuss the style and function of an Abstract. In this workshop, we explain how to write the abstract, show examples of abstracts, and discuss the purpose of the abstract in research and research writing.

Here are recorded Writing Workshops of interest:

We look forward to seeing you in a workshop.

Are there any specific workshop you would like to see in the future?

Watch for information for regarding how the KUWC will celebrate the National Day on Writing later this month.  Hint (October 21)

See you soon

– Melody Pickle, Writing Specialist, WAC Kaplan Univerisity

Note: Live workshops are available for current Kaplan faculty and students.  Check back here for public live links to recorded workshop archives and notes.

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  1. starknotes says:

    As a tutor who works with paralegal, criminal justice, and law students, I am looking forward to learning more about the Westlaw database from the School of Legal Studies! I already know how to show students through the case citations and how to look up legal terms using Black’s Law Dictionary (instead of a general use dictionary or a not-so-rigorously edited online dictionary), but there seems like so much more I could know about Westlaw. Thanks for posting this list of upcoming workshop opportunities!

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