“I will respect and be sensitive to students’ cultural background and personal value system; keeping in mind their personal dignity” (NTA, n.d.).

The Purdue Global Philosophy

Purdue Global recognizes the worth and dignity of all people and is sensitive to the diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds represented in its student population. All students are encouraged to reach their potential within the framework of their individual needs, interests, and capabilities. Read more.

Training Video: Online & Adult Learners

Watch this introduction to adult, online learners and how they are unique.

Registrar’s Snapshot of Purdue Global Student Demographics as of March 2016

Female students74%
Students over age 3060%
Mean student income at enrollment$22,323
Mean number of risk factors*3.7
Active military10%
Spouse of active military5%
Students with prior postsecondary education84%
Neither parent attended college55%

* Risk factors include: student is older than typical college age (defined as ages 18 to 22), attends school part time, files taxes as independent, has earned a GED, works full time while enrolled, has legal dependents other than a spouse, and/or is a single parent.
† Data sources for 2015–2016 include attested prior post secondary attendance, official and unofficial transcripts, and attendance records from the National Student Clearinghouse. Statistics produced prior to this year do not include National Student Clearinghouse as a data source.

Not specified1.5%
Grand Total100.0%
American Indian or Alaska Native1.5%
Black or African American33.3%
Native Hawaiin or Other Pacific Islander0.5%
Race and Ethnicity Unknown7.5%
Two or more races0.0%
Grand Total100.0%
60 and older0.6%
Grand Total100.0%
Updated 7/31/2019

Training Video: Diverse Technical Competencies and Learning Atmospheres

Training Video: Learning Challenges for Diverse Students and English Language Learners

Purdue Global Writing Center Blog Posts on Diversity

Five Quick Ways to Tell if Your Student is an English Language Learner

Even the most proficient multilingual students struggle with language fundamentals such as preposition and gerund use that native speakers acquire intuitively as children. It takes years of immersion in English for nonnative speakers to acquire the same instinct for using a gerund, for example, and not an infinitive, after the particular verb, “considered”:  she considered…

English Language Learner Support and the Making of an Inclusive Writing Center

Chrissine Cairns, MA, Writing Center Tutor The Writing Center is a dynamic and inclusive tutoring center staffed by experts in college writing, online writing instruction, and the delivery of personalized and multimodal tutoring services, webinars, and resources for adult students online.  Housed in the Academic Success Center on Purdue Global Campus, our Writing Center is…

The Forget Kale or Chipotle Peppers-The Best Way to Learn English Quickly is Reading Method

By Jay Busse, M.A.T., Writing Center Tutor My ELL students frequently ask, “What is the fastest way to learn English?” I believe that, for ELL college students, the number one way to improve English is through reading. What does that have to do with the latest superfood? Maybe you remember when pesto was trendy, or…

Diversity in the Online Classroom

by Rathi Krishnan, Full-time faculty, Department of Composition, School of General Education, Kaplan University I presented at the IJAS   — International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference on  May, 28th., 2013, which was  held at the Harvard Medical School. My topic, ” Salad Bowl or Melting Pot: Fostering Diversity in the Online Classroom” was received with a…

Factoring in Feelings in Online Tutoring

Molly Wright Starkweather, MA,  Kaplan University Writing Center Tutor “Why should we as tutors prioritize the emotional issues of our students?” This is a question that comes from a healthy place of caution, respecting the difference between the role of a tutor and the role of a counselor or mental health practitioner. One game-changer in…

Re-establishing Manageable Expectations in Tutoring

Kyle Harley, Kaplan University Writing Center Tutor   Here at Kaplan University, our respective support centers housed within the Academic Support Center are lucky. I say this  simply because we possess the ability to share experiences, challenges, and, of course, triumphs between our centers. With this, however, comes a very unique conversation, and one that…


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