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Sneak Peek: APA 7th Edition Key Changes

Hands-down the most significant change in the 7th edition of APA is its conscious effort to produce a more student-friendly publication manual. Indeed, APA 7th offers a kinder and gentler student experience, one that expunges a few maddening requirements such as formatting the running head so that it appears one way on the title page and a different way on every other page.

To give you a little taste of what’s to come in the weeks ahead on this blog, we are including a podcast that provides an overview of such key APA changes as student-specific paper formatting requirements, a number of shortcuts to make citation and working with sources easier, and a major and long-anticipated language usage update.


Until next week–

Kurtis Clements

APA 7th Edition Key Changes Podcast Transcript

Meet the New Blog

Get ready! Every Friday the Purdue Global ASC and WC Resource Center and Blog will publish new content for our learning community. 

“Every Friday?” you might be asking. Yes, starting today, each and every Friday a new blog article will be published, so you might want to mark your calendars, tie a piece of string around your finger, or subscribe to our blog to ensure new content finds its way to you. 

And to kick things off, our article next Friday, July 31, will begin a series of posts that discuss the key changes made in the 7th edition of APA as colleges and universities prepare for the transition that for most will take place in January 2021. Next week’s article will not only have written content, but it will also have an accompanying podcast that you will be able to stream or download so that you can listen to the blog in the car, at the gym, on walks–wherever you happen to be and whenever you like. 

If you already have APA 7th edition on your mind, you might like to know that the  Writing Center has already begun to roll out APA 7th edition resources, and if you want to take a look click here.  

We are looking forward to the weeks to come and hope to find you right back here next Friday. Until then–

Kurtis Clements