Why Wellness? The International Write-In and Writing Well

Molly Starkweather, Kaplan University Writing Center Tutor


shutterstock_120138628The Kaplan University Academic Support Center is taking part in an exciting new opportunity called the International Write-In and will, alongside other writing and tutoring centers throughout the world, empower students to connect and encourage each other as writers. Many support centers on ground campuses choose a span of a few hours to open a space to any student working on a writing project, offering refreshments and a comfortable yet stimulating environment to crank out drafts or polish presentations. Kaplan’s ASCs will offer a unique, progressive contribution to the Write-In scene by developing a workshop focusing on writing and wellness.

On Monday, December 7, the Kaplan University Academic Support Centers will host a virtual International Write-In event for currently enrolled students called “Write Well!”  This will be a tutor-led discussion on writing well, including wellness tips, strategies for effective writing, and an opportunity for students to practice writing and receive feedback from event leaders. The online forum will also include a yoga nidra guided meditation for participants. The event will be recorded and shared publicly via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/KUAcademicSupport/) and on Twitter (@KaplanASC) using the official hashtag #IntlWriteIn. Tutors will also share about the benefits to participating in the International Write-In in the ASC Blog (https://purdueglobalwritingcenter.wordpress.com). The Kaplan ASCs look forward to discussing with other centers how the Write-In energizes students and tutors for continued excellence in writing and academic support.

Wellness, referring to general habits of good health, is key to effective writing. While popular culture often depicts higher education as a test of physical stamina as much as mental prowess, including impressive feats of sleep deprivation amid junk food and caffeine binges, students and tutors know that pacing oneself for long term success involves healthy eating, sleeping, studying, and exercise. This month’s Write-In event focuses on an even more fundamental element to concentration and creativity that can be overlooked in academic support—breathing.  Dr. Ellen Manning will share her thoughts on the way focusing on breath and supporting oneself through proper breathing can help scholars of all stripes weather stressful writing challenges.

We hope Kaplan students and faculty will join the event at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on Monday, December 7, via the Workshop page. We also hope everyone will feel free to view the archived recording available via our social media pages. Many thanks to the organizers of the International Write-In, and write well, everyone.

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