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The Purdue Global Writing Center supports writers in college composition and across the curriculum with resources that cover a range of topics on using sources and APA Style from documentation guidelines and videos on formatting a title page and reference list to writing with integrity and avoiding plagiarism. Browse the collection below or use the search tool to locate topics on using sources, APA Style, and more.


Basic Documentation Guidelines

How to write effectively when using sources

Writing With Integrity

Expectations for academic research and professional writing and how to avoid plagiarism

Podcasts on Using Sources

Find podcasts on a variety of topics covering using sources, APA Style, conducting research, analyzing articles, and avoiding plagiarism.


APA Common Citations and References

Locate clear examples of in-text citations and reference list entry formats for common types of digital and print sources.

APA Demystified in Five Minutes

Understand the basics of APA Style by watching this 5-minute video.

Formatting an APA Style Paper and Title Page

Follow the guidance in this video tutorial when formatting an APA Style title page in Microsoft Word.

Formatting an APA Style Reference List

Follow the guidance in this video tutorial when formatting an APA Style reference list in Microsoft Word.

Formatting Graphics and Visuals

Learn how to format tables and figures such as images in APA Style.

Formatting an APA Style PowerPoint Presentation

Learn how to format a PowerPoint following APA Style guidelines for lists, citations and references, tables, figures, and images.


Plagiarism FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about plagiarism.

Writing With Integrity

Understand the expectations for academic research and professional writing and how to avoid plagiarism

Internet Research: Avoiding Plagiarism

Learn about internet research, common knowledge, and how to avoid plagiarism when using online sources.


Teaching Inclusive Communication and Evolving Language as a Professional Skill

“Oh TK, that’s just politically correct BS!” “Let me guess, we’re ‘woke’ in this class?” “I always use that word. It’s not a slur.” “Am I going to be ‘cancelled’ now?” “What about my First Amendment rights to say what I want?” Hello everyone! This is Teresa Kelly–TK–from the Department of Composition and WAC. Whenever...

APA Style 2020 Posts You Don’t Want to Miss

Now that 2020 is in our rearview mirror (thank goodness!), I thought it appropriate to usher in the New Year with a recap of not-to-miss Writing Center blogcasts that concern APA Style as we transition fully to the 7th edition. As those of you who subscribe to the blog know, since the blog began its...

A “We” Problem

In informal writing, the use of the first-person plural pronoun “we” is commonplace, as in, We tend to use language willy-nilly when writing informally. Some of you might not think twice about my use of “we” in that last statement (which is fine), but some of you might be saying, “Wait a minute. Hold on....

Formal vs. Informal Writing

Writing to many is about dos and don’ts, especially don’ts–don’t use first person, don’t use second person, don’t use slang, don’t use contractions, don’t use hyperbole. Don’t, don’t, don’t. And of course these “don’ts” are usually couched within the context of formal vs. informal writing in that the don’ts apply to formal writing and what...

Documenting Sources Made Easy

Many who are not familiar with the basics of APA Style documentation become confused, frustrated, and sometimes even stressed when they need to document a source that may not be typical or contains missing information, but the reality is that with a few deep breaths and a pragmatic approach, most can resolve any documentation challenge...

Top Seven Common User Errors in APA Style 7th Edition

Everyone likes lists. The 100 greatest movies of all time. The top ten gourmet meals in under twenty minutes as selected by gourmet chefs. And now that the 7th edition of APA Style’s Publication Manual has been out for over a year, the recurring errors people are making transitioning to the 7th edition have surfaced...

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