Using Sources & APA Style

APA Demystified in Five Minutes

Understand the basics of APA Style

Basic Documentation Guidelines

How to write effectively when using sources

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Common Citations and References

How to format in-text citations and reference entries in APA Style for common source types

Writing With Integrity

Expectations for academic research and professional writing and how to avoid plagiarism

Formatting Graphics and Visuals

How to format tables and figures in APA Style

Formatting an APA Style Paper and Title Page

How to format an APA Style title page in Microsoft Word

Formatting an APA Style Reference List

How to format an APA Style reference list in Microsoft Word

Formatting an APA Style PowerPoint Presentation

How to format a PowerPoint following APA Style guidelines for using lists, citations and references, figures, and images.

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APA Basics, 7th Edition (Webinar Recording)

Do you want to know more about the new, 7th edition of APA? This webinar is for you! Learn the basics of APA and find answers to your APA questions. Watch this webinar recording learn APA and discover free resources to help you. 

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Sneak Peek: Changes in APA, 7th Edition (Webinar Recording)

Purdue Global students will begin using new guidelines from the 7th edition of the APA Style Manual beginning January 2021. Watch this informative webinar recording for a sneak peek of major change coming in the new edition! 

Blog Articles on APA Style

Fabulous APA Style 7th Edition Videos & Webinars

Can’t get enough of APA Style 7th edition information, but you’re more of a visual learner? Well, the Writing Center in Purdue Global’s Academic Success Center has just the content you are looking for,…

APA Style Formatting in PowerPoint

We all know the challenges of following APA Style when writing a paper using Microsoft Word, but those challenges often become greater when applying the formatting guidelines to other software.  In the following video,…

Formatting Titles

Let’s face it: For whatever reason, formatting titles can be confusing, especially if you think about all the titles that need proper formatting–the title placed on the title page of a paper, the title…

Bias-Free Language

We’ve long known that using gender-neutral language (aka: gender-inclusive language or non-sexist language) is the basic expectation in everyday communication–written or not. Long gone are the days when masculine pronouns were used by default…

Why Fonts Matter

For years the default font size for an APA Style paper was 12. And not only was APA’s preferred font size 12, but also the preferred font style was Times New Roman. Well, the…

Big Changes to Reference List

APA Style 7th edition introduced some big changes to the references list that you will want to keep straight. Let’s start with the nomenclature. The list of references at the end of an APA…

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