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This resource center and blog celebrates education with posts about academic writing and learning for success to support and inspire faculty and students across the academic community. You will find informative and lively posts on best practices, pedagogy, research, and writing alongside insightful and reflective musings and conference takeaways. Academic Success Resources and blog articles support learning across the curriculum and writing in the professions.

Our Learning Community

All educational professionals learners welcome–Undergrad, grad, alumni, and professionals on a learning track to advance their careers or who are writing across the globe. Please comment on our posts. We enjoy engaging in conversations with other online learners, educators, and professionals.

The Resources

Locate blog articles, effective writing podcasts, research and writing guides, video tutorials, and webinar archives on academics and learning for success. Data analysts have linked PG Academic Success resources to improved learning outcomes of PG students. 

Academic Success resources are developed to be accessible and inclusive–suited for learners with diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and accessibility needs. We advocate writing with integrity and without bias. Our community is diverse and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion. All learners welcome!

Copyright and Fair Use

Download blog articles and resources for personal use or share PG Academic Success Resources and Blog articles on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. Visit our @askasc Youtube channel for complete video playlists. Please contact us for permission to distribute any content in a classroom or as handouts. Email us at askasc@purdueglobal.edu. The blog articles and resources may not be reproduced or modified without permission.


The content developers for this site are specialists, faculty, and tutors from the Purdue Global Academic Success Center and Writing Center. The Writing Center blog was established by the Kaplan University Writing Center in 2013, and after Kaplan became Purdue Global in 2018, the blog continued as the Purdue Global Academic Success Center and Writing Center Blog. With the addition of Academic Success Resources, the site also supports the global learning community, faculty, students, alumni, professionals, and the public. For questions or more information email us at askasc@purdueglobal.edu.

Author Bios

This resource center and blog is written and edited by members of the Purdue University Global Academic Success Center.

Editor: Amy Sexton, Manager, Academic Support and Succcess

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