College Writing

The Purdue Global Writing Center supports writers in college composition and across the curriculum with resources that cover a range of topics on college writing from audience and formality to assignment types and sample essays and argumentation and rhetoric. Browse the collection below or use the search tool to locate topics on college writing and more.


Audience and Purpose Podcast

Learn to write with your audience and purpose in mind.

College Writing Podcast

Learn what constitutes college writing.

Formal Vs. Informal Writing

Understand key features of formal writing.


Writing a Research Paper

Learn to identify the features of a research paper.

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Learn how to write and format an annotated bibliography in APA Style (7th ed.).

Sample APA Research Paper

Read a sample research paper written in APA Style.

Writing an Informative Essay

Write an informative essay by following this guide, which includes a sample informative essay outline and final paper.

Creating a Public Service Announcement

Write a public service announcement following this guide.

Reflective Writing

Learn the features of personal and academic reflective writing.


Writing a Persuasive Essay

Write a persuasive essay following this guide, which includes a sample persuasive essay draft with instructor feedback and a revised final essay.

Argumentative Writing Podcast

Understand how to write an argument.

The Three Appeals of Argument Podcast

Learn about the three appeals of classical rhetoric: ethos, pathos, and logos.

How to Support an Argument and Avoid Logical Fallacies

Learn how to argue effectively using credible evidence and avoid logical fallacies.

Hasty Generalizations and Other Logical Fallacies

Learn to recognize common logical fallacies used in argumentative writing.

Visual and Spatial Rhetoric: Analyzing Images

Understand how to analyze visual arguments such as ads.

More Writing Resources