APA Style Formatting in PowerPoint

APA Style (7th Edition) Formatting in PowerPoint

In this video, Purdue Global Learning and Development Specialist, Chrissine Cairns, demonstrates how to format a PowerPoint applying APA Style (7th Edition) to a title slide; body slides using bullet points, figures, tables, and copyright statements; and a reference list with hanging indentations.

Presentation Times for Video Sections

  • Title Slide 00:00:00 – 00:03:45
  • Body Slide 00:03:46 – 00:13:36
    • Bulleted Points 00:04:16 – 00:07:13
    • Figures and Tables and Copyrights 00:07:14 – 00:13:36
  • Reference List 00:13:32 – 00:15:37

APA Style (6th Edition) Formatting in PowerPoint

This Academic Success video shows how to format title, discussion, and reference slides following APA Style (6th Edition) and PowerPoint best practices.

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