First-Term Resource: Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards

The discussion board is a key component of the online learning environment. The discussion board is the place where students and instructors interact regularly to discuss course concepts.

Guidelines for Successful Discussion Board Participation

  • Post early and often. Each unit typically ends on Tuesday (check with your professor and course syllabus to be certain), so it is wise to post well before the unit ends. Working on the Discussion Board will help you learn course material. If you wait to post on the day (or day before) a unit ends, however, you will not benefit from a meaningful discussion.
  • Carefully read the discussion prompt before posting.
  • Ask clarifying questions if you do not understand the prompt or posts.
  • Contribute to the discussion by staying on topic and posting pertinent comments and questions.
  • Use spell check before posting.
  • Always strive to be respectful, courteous, and thoughtful in each post.
  • Read every reply to your posts.

Accessing Discussion Boards in Your Purdue Global Course

The discussions boards in your course are accessible on the Discussions tab of the main menu.

Accessing Discussion Boards

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