First-Term Resource: Proofreading Your Paper

Proofreading Your Paper

1. Take a Fresh Look at Your Essay

  • Read your writing out loud.
  • Print your essay and read through it.

2. Assess the Organization

  • Compare your draft to your outline if you wrote one.
  • Do all your paragraphs relate to the thesis?
  • Does your discussion follow a logical path?

4. Look at the Content in Your Essay

  • Does the introduction match the body?
  • Does each body paragraph make sense and focus on one specific point?
  • Do paragraphs connect to one another through transitions?
  • Does the conclusion provide a logical close and leave the reader with something to consider?

5. Check for Errors

Read through the paper several times, looking for just one thing at a time. To start, focus only on verb tense. Is it consistent and correct throughout? Then you could read and focus only on capitalization, for example. Use these questions to check for errors:

  • Is the verb tense consistent throughout?
  • Is the capitalization correct?
  • Is there repetition?
  • Are all words spelled correctly?
  • Are the words specific?
  • Is each sentence correct and clear?
  • Are any of the paragraphs or sentences really long? Is it possible to break them up for clarity?
  • Begin, keep, and use a list of the errors you typically make and only check for those errors.
  • Take a final break from your paper, and then read it through one last time before turning it in.

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