Clear Writing

Effective writing is clear.

Writing is clear when the writer has composed sentences that work together to communicate meaning to an audience. The intended message is the message received. In order for writing to be clear, the writer needs to keep these guiding principles in mind.

Clear writing is specific.

Clear writing conveys the writer’s ideas and purpose to an identified audience. The writer uses precise language that is accurate and appropriate. The writer keeps their audience and purpose in mind, and tailor their message and word choice accordingly.

Clear writing is organized.

The words and sentences fit together like puzzle pieces. Writers guide readers through the logical progression and development of an idea so that words and sentences come together to communicate a point that is easy to understand.

Clear writing is concise.

The writer uses only the number of words necessary to say what needs to be said. The writer who uses precise words and makes every word count creates clear meaning.

More Resources on Writing Clearly

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