Self-Citation Policy

In courses at Purdue University Global, a student may be asked to write about similar topics and themes across multiple classes and assignments including discussion board posts, short assignments, and research papers. While original work is expected for each course and each assignment, there are instances when it is appropriate for the student to build on the ideas from a previous assignment by citing themself. The following facts apply to these instances of self-citation:

  1. The student may cite small selected portions of previous work using the appropriate citation method. Copying large portions or entire assignments for use in more than one course or assignment is considered cheating and is not permitted per the Purdue University Global per the Code of Student Conduct.
  2. In accordance with common academic writing practices, students who cite themselves should be citing their own ideas, findings, and conclusions from previous work.
  3. In most cases, a student should not use self-citation in order to quote a resource (such as a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article) that they cited in a previous paper. If a student uses a resource that they cited in a previous paper, the student should reference that original source and author directly.
  4. For APA citations, the student should cite themself as the primary author and the work as an unpublished paper if self-citation is used. An example of a reference list entry for an unpublished university paper is as follows:

Foo, J. (2013). My time outdoors: A study in writing and rhetoric [Unpublished manuscript]. Department of Composition, Purdue University Global.

  1. Students should also consult with their professor and their course syllabus for further instructions.

For further clarification and examples of self-citation, please listen to the Self-Citation podcast and refer to the Self-Citation Policy Resource.

Note: A student retaking the same course may resubmit coursework and papers in their entirety without penalty. Refer to the Coursework Resubmission Policy Resource for more information.