Writing Across the Curriculum Podcast: Interview of Kevin Kelly

Click the link to listen to the WAC Podcast Series: Interview of Kevin Kelly by Kurtis Clements

Entertaining Your Indoor Cat book cover

Entertaining Your Indoor Cat book cover

Kurtis Clements had a moment to sit down with author and Kaplan University Department Chair, Kevin Kelly, in July 2011 to talk about Kevin’s book, Entertaining Your Indoor Cat: 50 Fun and Inventive Amusements for Your Cat and the changing nature of composition when an iPhone is in the mix.

For a transcript of this interview, please check out the following transcription from Michaella Hammond, WAC Resource Specialist: Kevin_Kelly_Transcript

5 Responses

  1. Beth Sandefur says:

    Why was this podcast tagged as “writing across the curriculum?” It has nothing to do with that topic. It was entertaining, I suppose, but I really don’t care about entertaining cats. Very misleading.

    • kuwcnews says:

      Hi Beth,

      While the podcast does not deal directly with writing across the curriculum, it was tagged as such because it is part of a series of interviews under the umbrella of writing across the curriculum podcasts that showcase KU community writers who work/teach in various disciplines.


    • Kella says:

      Hi, Beth Sandefur,

      This particular podcast series interviews students, faculty, and staff at Kaplan University (and hopefully others) and sees how they incorporate writing into their lives as well as across the curriculum at Kaplan. I can definitely see your perspective regarding, “I really don’t care about entertaining cats,” but the interview was really an opportunity for Kevin Kelly to share what he’s written about and his writing process in general. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts.

      Kind regards,
      Michaella Hammond
      Resource Specialist, Kaplan University Writing Center

  2. Melody Pickle says:

    I think the cats were in the interview as well. I heard a meow here and there. I don’t think they wanted Kevin to take all the credit for the book. That is really great that his book got picked up and is in its second edition.

  3. Engaging interview of Kevin, Kurtis! I especially enjoyed the section where Kevin explains how he now uses his iPhone to write short stories whenever he has a little bit of time. So interesting! I wonder how many people write on their smartphones? I know I started trying it after listening to this interview, and it’s actually kind of fun. I just don’t know the tricks to easily transferring the writing I do on my smartphone to a document I can use on my laptop… So many possibilities for writing on the go!

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