The Story vs. The Essay and Why Students Get Confused

When students are asked to write an essay using their personal experience, they are sometimes confused about where to start.  They get stuck. Here’s why. . .

For students, there cWest East Weather arrowan be an inherent disconnect when we ask them to tell a personal story and write an essay within the same assignment.  Students have learned that essays have a thesis statement and a well thought out structure.  Personal stories and experiences don’t easily fit into this format or structure.  Stories and essays are two different types of writing, and students may need help bridging this gap.

To help students get started, students can attend Live Tutoring and faculty may wish to discuss or post some sample starting points for students.  The best help should be tailored to fit the specific assignment.

General Examples To Help Students Get Started

One way I connect with this concept of__________ is with my experience of . . .

My story is closely related to the ideas we have been studying. . .

I can give one personal example of _____________.

– Melody

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