Introducing the Effective Writing Podcast Series

Hi All,

Today I want to share with you a (relatively) new Kaplan University Writing Center resource–the Effective Writing Podcast Series. The series started in mid-August and is narrated by yours truly. The podcasts cover the gamut of writing-related issues from APA citation matters to writing clearly. To date, the series has fourteen podcasts, most of which are in the five to seven minute time range, and a new episode comes out every other Friday. A couple of the podcasts contain images, but most are audio-only and thus easy to listen to with small hand-held devices like smart phones or iPods. Last week’s episode discussed argumentative writing, so the next new episode will be available on Friday, December 16.

You can access the series at or by visiting the Kaplan University Writing Center within the KU Campus (login required) at

It’s also easy to subscribe to the series (using the first URL mentioned above) so that each new episode is automatically downloaded to your devices of choice.

If you have any ideas for future podcasts, please write me at


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