January workshop series focuses on academic writing

Students and faculty can attend a series of live workshops in January that focus on academic writing.  We have seven exciting workshops for students and faculty to choose from:

  • Reading strategies for optimal learning
  • Preparing for college-level writing
  • IM and email communication
  • How to write effective discussion board responses
  • Formal and informal writing
  • Text coding for ELL students
  • Writing across the curriculum and what this means for students

The benefit of students attending these workshops is that they receive supplemental instruction on writing concerns that many instructors may not have time to cover in their weekly seminars.  And because they are live, students get their questions answered right away and even have the opportunity to practice skills in some workshops.

There is also a workshop on how to use the services and resources of the KU Writing Center effectively on January 16 at 1:00 PM ET.  This is a great overview workshop for students on the many resources and services we offer though the Writing Center.  We still have a few faculty ask us to visit their seminars and give students a quick overview of the Writing Center, but this hour-long workshop is much better because it is more detailed and covers way more information than we could give in a 15-minute seminar presentation.

Of course, all of our workshops are recorded, so those who cannot attend live can view these workshops at any time after the recording links are posted (usually 1-2 business days after the workshop has taken place).

The workshop schedule (with workshop links) and recording links can be found on the Writing Workshops page in the Writing Center.  Any questions about our workshops should be sent to Diane Martinez at dmartinez@kaplan.edu.

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