Google World and Academic Sources

In this age where we can Google anything, it is harder and harder for students to identify and locate academic sources.  Why can’t they just Google their topic and pick the top 3 sites listed for their research paper?

In Effective Writing Podcast 16 – Academic Sources, Kurtis Clements enthusiastically defines academic sources and explains their purpose and where to locate them. Using specific examples and easy to understand language, Kurtis interprets this often difficult to grasp concept.  Have students listen to this brief yet thorough discussion, especially if they need clarification about the different types of sources available online and in a library.

Other podcasts in the series can be found in the KUWC by accessing the Academic Support Center ->Writing Center -> Effective Writing Podcasts Series. Transcripts for the podcasts can be found at the bottom of the Effective Writing Podcasts Series page.

Accademic Support Center with arrowing pointing to Effective Writing Podcast Series in the Writing Center

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– Melody Pickle

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