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The Writing Center regularly works with the CTL, and we like to support each other’s activities.  Below is some information about the CTL’s monthly newsletter. 

Sign Up for the Center for Teaching and Learning’s new, monthly newsletter What’s New in the CTL?

 The new CTL monthly newsletter is a great way to keep up with new happenings in the Center for Teaching and Learning. Once the easy sign-up process is complete, campus and online faculty alike will receive monthly updates in their email in boxes so they can learn about the newest online live event offerings as they access these events right from the newsletter by reviewing our Live Event Calendar at a glance.

 Joining in on the live events allows every member of the KU community to participate in a scholarly, innovative community comprised of fellow educators. Furthermore, the CTL provides training, resources, and services designed to enrich both the teaching and learning process, foster practices of adult education, promote faculty scholarship, and provide a forum for discussions about teaching and learning among all members of the Kaplan university community.  Please note: Only @kaplan.edu addresses will be accepted.

 Please sign up here: http://bit.ly/KUCTLNews

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