February student workshops focus on prewriting and research

The KUWC’s February lineup of student writing workshops focus on prewriting and research strategies.  Prewriting is essential for writing a strong paper from the start.  When students take the time to think through their ideas carefully and narrow down their research subject to a researchable and manageable topic, they are miles ahead of students who sit down and write their essays all in one sitting.  Yes, one can write a paper in just a few hours, but what is the level of thinking that is evidenced in such papers?  Prewriting and brainstorming help make students critical thinkers at the start of the writing process. 

Our other workshops focus on research strategies and include finding and evaluating research sources, workshops on paraphrasing and integrating quotations, and how to use the Kaplan Library for research. 

Please encourage your students to attend live if they can, and if they cannot, then they can always view the recording links, which are posted on the Writing Workshops page 1-2 days after the workshop has taken place.  There is no registration for these workshops, and students can find the current schedule on the Writing Workshops page and under My Communications on the KU Campus page.

Thanks for your support of the KUWC!


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