You Took Points off for that? The APA Title Page

As you can imagine, we get a lot of questions about APA in the Writing Center.    One big point of confusion for students is the different requirements professors have regarding the APA Title Page.  According to students, many professors take points off for title page mistakes.  However, some of these points off are caused by a professor’s preference and not APA requirements.  For example, some professors take points off for adding the professor’s name and course number to the Title Page while others are taking points off for leaving off the same information.   Officially,  a professor’s name and course are not part of the Title Page.  If a professor wants students to add those elements, there is nothing really wrong with that because it is helpful to both the student and the professor.  However, students are confused because they are being told there is one right way to do it, but this “right way” changes depending on the class.

Here are the Research and Citation Videos available from the KUWC. The first video demonstrates how to format a Title Page.  Please let us know if you have questions about APA. We are always happy to help.

Citation Videos

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