New APA Resource

The KU Writing Center continually works to update our APA resources and put them in formats that are accessible to a variety of learners and that are easy to use.  As of today, the Most Common Citations in APA Format resource has been updated to be more user-friendly and comprehensive than the previous version. The updated resource now includes citation guidelines for blogs, videos, graphics, discussion boards, and many other sources that students commonly use in their academic papers.  Please encourage your students to download the pdf document so that they have it handy on their desktop or they can even print it out if they’d like a hard copy.  Either way, I think that students and faculty will find this updated resource extremely useful.


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  1. Holli Vah Seliskar says:

    This is a fantastic resource for students!

    Thank You!

    Best, Holli Vah Seliskar

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