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Writing a thesis is a key part of writing an academic essay, and it is a concept this is often elusive.  Sometimes, the very word “thesis” is confusing as it defies a singular concrete definition.   Students often seek out examples. Also, many students get stuck thinking they must perfect the thesis before they continue with any other part of their research and writing.

In this 15 minute podcast, Kurtis Clements  explains how to writing an effective  thesis using specific examples which demonsrtate different ways to include a thesis in writing.

In this day of online searches, another podcast on Evaluating Academic Resources podcasts is also very helpful to students as they prepare to write and research.

Don’t miss this latest episode of the KUWC  Effective Writing Podcast Series, Writing an Effective Thesis.

Do you writer your thesis first or last?

Melody Pickle  . . .(I often write mine last.)

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