National Grammar Day . . .Let’s Celebrate Language (in all its forms)

Celebrate National Grammar Day in your own (positive) way.  Share the grammar tip that helps you the most as you write.  You don’t have to love grammar (or even like it) to celebrate the day.

One way to celebrate is to enjoy a National Grammar Day song with Grammar Girl:

Today, I am calling for Generous Grammar. The word “grammar” evokes an emotional response of one sort or another in most people.  Either folks poke out their chests and get excited about correcting others, or they slowly duck their heads as they shrink back into their turtle shells hoping no one will find out the truth that they are not good at grammar (according to their fourth grade teacher).

While I am a fan of clear writing and appropriate grammar, I am also a fan of people.  As a teacher of writing, I believe we should empower people to communicate their message.   I think we must avoid dis-empowering people through shame about their language because language is very personal.  This is why comments and grades on papers should be positive and corrective.

Kory Stamper, lexicographer at Merriam-Webster,  has an interesting perspective grammar balance:  A Plea for Sanity this National (US) Grammar Day.

While National Grammar Day may give brief flashbacks of red pen marks, the English language is complex and should be celebrated.

Celebrating grammar and people,

Melody Pickle

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