I Don’t Have Time for This! Student Writing Process

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The student writing experience is often characterized by last minute editing and preparation. (Okay, sometimes, those of us who have been writing for eons procrastinate.) I actually tell students it is okay for procrastination to be part of their writing process (because their brain is likely thinking about the assignment without them), but they must learn how long they can procrastinate and still be successful. For example, leaving yourself only 30 minutes to write a 6 page research paper is not a good plan.

I like this video from the Tupelo Writing Center for two reasons: It is fun, and it physically exemplifies an often typical writing process which includes an earnest need for help. It is true that faculty cannot often drop everything they are doing to help a student who has a paper due in 10 minutes. This is why we encourage faculty to recommend their Kaplan University students visit the KUWC early in the writing process (i.e. when they first learn about the assignment). We don’t want to be the last place the student goes for help, but the first place. Doing well on an assignment is not about only having correct grammar and punctuation, but also about thinking, learning, and forming ideas and being able to get those ideas on the paper. The KUWC wants to assist students so they can learn to master their process and their writing skills. We do have the time for that!

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