Jerry Seinfeld & His Writing Process (Video)

By Melody Pickle, Writing Specialist, WAC, Kaplan University

In this entertaining, yet serious, video interview, Jerry Seinfeld reveals his writing process for writing jokes and his  show.

Let’s talk about “wasting time.”  In this interview, Jerry talks about “wasting” a lot of time writing jokes, when, in actuality, he is describing a very detailed writing process.  I agree that sometimes writing may feel like “wasting time” as we cross out, delete, and start over in our thinking and writing.  I think students often struggle with this idea as they begin to write in an academic setting.  The writing assignments may feel like “wasting  time,” especially as students try to follow all grammar, punctuation, and citation guidelines required.   I think it can be helpful to remind students that the writing and thinking required for academic writing assignments takes time, and if they are struggling i.e. (crossing out lines) and feeling confused, then they are likely on the right path.  I like to remind students that as they encounter new ideas and try to write about them, it is unlikely that the writing will just flow out perfectly the first time.   Talking about these things seems to make us all feel better about our writing process.


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  1. Diana Gerow says:

    I think that this comes back to a central philosophy that we develop content first, and then, we develop polished prose.

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