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Melody Pickle, Ph.D.  Writing Specialist, WAC, Kaplan University

I have been thinking this week about the work we do in the Kaplan University Writing Center.  I suppose in many ways it is not that different from what happens at a lot of other writing centers across the country and world.  We  meet one-on-one with students to assist them with their writing questions.  We create resources. We give workshops.  We are part of the Writing Across the Curriculum program at Kaplan University.

And, I can say,  like most writing centers do . . . it is the people in our writing center that make us great . . .  that make us who we are.  We have great people!

One person who has been in the Kaplan University Writing Center since the early days is Joni Boone.  Her presence and her work have shaped who this writing has become (Yes, the writing center in a living thing. We can talk about that in another post.)  Her presence and her work will continue to shape us after she has moved to another department.  Joni has developed our Fundamentals Program, and she is the brain and persistence behind the development, growth, research, and success of our continuing Video Review service.  I cannot begin to list all the ways Joni, her person and her work, have influenced the Kaplan University Writing Center.

I would like to thank Joni for inspiring the Kaplan University Writing Center to always be the best it can be.  We will carry that on.

Thanks, Joni!

Writing Centers are places full of people.  Even in our completely virtual writing center, this is the case.  The students,  the tutors, and the interaction between us all make this a living –  breathing – virtual place.  It is a place (not just a space).  The people in this space make it a dynamic place for powerful student interactions and learning.

I would love to hear about the work of other learning centers and their people. What makes your place who it is?

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3 Responses

  1. Stephanie Thompson says:

    I want to thank Joni for all she has done for the KUWC and our students. We are so going to miss you as part of our WAC team, but we are glad you will still be part of the Kaplan family. I know you will do a wonderful job in the CTL.

    Thanks for the tribute, Melody!

  2. Here, here! I love the people that make the KUWC, and I love and will miss Joni. I’m happy she’s staying in the Kaplan family. All her close work with Kaplan students will certainly be an asset in her new role as a Faculty Developer. I’m also looking forward to meeting the yet unknown full-time tutor that will fill the opening left by Joni. Maybe he or she is reading this right now! We are a dynamic group of talent. I feel fortunate to have been a writing tutor at the KUWC for the past 5 1/2 years. Thanks for the lovely post, Melody!

  3. Molly says:

    The Writing Center is definitely a living entity! We are a body of members, and losing one member (even for a happy reason) can be difficult. Many thanks to Joni for modeling the strengths of a good writing tutor.

    The question at the end of the blog is wonderful! I hope folks from other centers feel welcome to share the shining stars in their writing center constellations.

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