Outlines that Work, Sentence Essentials, and Punctuation Review

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The Kaplan University Writing Center offers approximately ten live workshops each month.  These workshops are recorded and made available each month on the Writing Workshops page.  This month we discussed punctuation, subject-verb agreement, and outlines to name a few.  Here are a few of the recorded workshops from this month:

Outlines that Work [PDF 1.74MB]

Learn to outline your ideas and organize your papers. This workshop covers effective outlines for many types of projects and papers.

Kyle Harley, Presenter

Quick Tips: Clear Sentences

Learn to write clear, concise, effective sentences to help improve your writing. Ensure your sentences say what you mean with precise subjects and parallel structures.

Chrissine Rios, Presenter

Punctuation Quick Tips: Run-ons [PDF 692KB]

Join us for this 30-minute review on how to avoid comma splices and run-on sentences.

Joni Boone, Presenter

The recorded workshop links are available for public viewing.

Watch for more workshop links on this blog and on our Kaplan University Writing Center  public website.

Melody Pickle, WAC Specialist

Kaplan University Writing Center

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