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Earlier in September we did a workshop on proposal writing.  We have many classes that ask students to write proposals, and we get questions in Live Tutoring about proposals.  This workshop was crafted to help meet the needs of students with questions about proposals.  Many of our workshops start out in response to the needs of our students.

I wanted to give you a quick view of some of our workshops slides, so it is easier to understand what we do in our workshops.  This particular workshop is geared toward writing general proposals, not research proposals.  This is a 30-minutes Quick Tips workshops.   A few slides from the workshop are located below.

Find the full workshop and notes here: Writing A Proposal

Title Slide "Quick Tips: Writing a Proposal

Proposal Definition from workshop

Information from Audience Slide
















Students are asked to write formal research papers which require third person writing.  Sometimes, students are not sure what “third person” means.   Nor, do they understand what formal academic writing means.  This workshop defines third person and shows students how to edit the word “you” out of their writing.    Find the full recorded workshop and notes here:

Here are a few slides from that workshop: Avoiding I, You, and Me in Academic Writing

Avoiding You workshop title slide

Reasons for formal writing

Why use third person

Revise you out of your writing





















Melody Pickle, Ph.D.  Writing Specialist, WAC, Kaplan University

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