National Day of Writing October 20

hand writing on paperby Melody Pickle, Writing Specialist, WAC, Kaplan University Writing Center

Yes, there is an official National Day of Writing!  October 20th is the official National Day of Writing.  Here in the Kaplan University Writing Center, we will be celebrating (writing) throughout the week.  You can join our KUWC Facebook page that week to post your thoughts on writing, and join us here on the blog to read tutor and teacher thoughts on writing.  You might just find a few tips on writing, too.  Organize your  own National Day of Writing event or simply take some time to write.

Here are some F.A. Q. with the answers from the NCTE website.

Q:  Is this an officially recognized day?  Yes!  The Senate passed resolutions in 201220112010, and2009 declaring October 20 the National Day on Writing.

Q:  Can I organize a celebration of the Day at my school?  Yes!  See the “Get Involved” page for ideas.

Q:  Does NCTE have tips for writers or resources for teaching writing?  Yes!  See the”Tips” and “Resources” pages.

Q: Can I let NCTE know what I did to celebrate? Yes! Please complete our short survey.  Thank you!

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  1. Molly Starkweather says:

    I appreciate this year’s theme, #write2connect, because it emphasizes that connecting is the goal of communication. The theme is perfect for our Writing Across the Curriculum initiative at Kaplan, since we see writing take place throughout our courses. We also see writing assignments try to be authentic, connecting the hard work our students do in the work force with academic writing. (I am reminded of a very good assignment in a math course that asks students to identify their most often-used math skills as part of their current/future profession.) Drawing connections is so important as a writer, and in our context as teachers and tutors of writing, we find those connections especially helpful for students.

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