Letters to Santa

Does anyone in your family write letters to Santa?

I have been intrigued by the idea of letters to Santa since seeing that scene in Miracle on 34th St where they dump all the letters to Santa on the judge’s desk to save Kris Kringle.  Miracle on 34th Street.

I did not write letters to Santa as a kid, but I did write a lot of other letters to family and friends.  But, I decided I might write a letter to Santa this year.  There is still time for a few letter writing experiences if you think you have been good this year.

My favorite computer generated letter experience is the Macy’s Believe campaign. It has beautiful animation and music.  Here is my letter.  I tried to write like a kid.

A letter to Santa

Letter writing is its own form of writing, and I think letters to Santa might be in a class by themselves.  I feel pressure to explain I have been good, to explain away anything that may have seemed “bad,” and I feel the need to give my list.  But, my list should not be too selfish.

I prefer handwritten letters.  I even have whole books of handwritten letters by famous authors, women writers, and I take pictures of signatures printed in places like caves because I am fascinated by handwriting and the meaning it gives to the written word (Or, I might just be fascinated with handwriting because my own is so poor).

But, at this late date, we may have to settle for email letters to Santa.

You can get an email back from Santa If you email him here.  I am pretty sure we have time for this one.

If you plan ahead, you can get a handwritten letter from Santa postmarked from the North Pole: https://www.handwrittensantaletters.com/

Northpole postmark

However, the letters from Santa postmarked from the North Pole are an on the endangered species list.  New regulations by the USPS may interfere with this age old practice.  While not trying to be the Grinch, these Postal Regulations may impact the ability for children to get a letter with the coveted North Pole postmark.

You can also get handwritten letters from Santa postmarked from the Northpole from The Santa Clause House.

You can get an instant letter from Santa back by just entering a little information from Letters to Sant.org.  Here is mine:

Santa Letter2

If you have a child in your life who is blind, he or she can receive a letter from Santa written in Braille from the National Foundation for the Blind: Braille Letters to Santa.  But, you have to plan ahead for that one.

You can also participate in the United States Postal Services  Letters to Santa volunteer work.  For this, you go to the post office with your I.D., and they give you a letter.  You reply and buy a gift and take it back to the post office to ship.  (I think we are likely too late for this one.  I guess there is a reason they start playing carols in the stores before Thanksgiving.)

But I leave you with my favorite new kind of letter to Santa first discussed on Huffinton Post: It is one long link to Amazon.

Amazon link on Santa letter

Perhaps next year I will send Santa a QR code.

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