Stay Three Steps Ahead of Plagiarism: Use the WAC PIP

By Chrissine Rios, KU Writing Center Tutor

For instructors teaching Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC), charging a student with plagiarism is unpleasant, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. The key is not to wait until plagiarism happens to learn what it is and what to do about it.  

Stay three steps ahead of plagiarism by being proactive and prepared: Read the plagiarism policy, review the form for reporting plagiarism to the provost, and learn how to understand a Turnitin report because proof of intentional plagiarism requires more than a percentage of similarity.  You can do all this and more on the KU Writing Across the Curriculum Plagiarism Information Page (PIP)

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The PIP offers the following areas of support:

1.    Faculty Resources on Plagiarism Policy and Reporting 

How to Report Plagiarism

2.    Faculty Resources on Using Turnitin®

Faculty Resources on Using Turnitin

3.    Student Resources on Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism Video

 4.    Copyright Information for Faculty

Annual Academic Copyright License Video

  • Link to the Copyright Clearance Center website that has a searchable database of books, journals, and other publications as well as information on copyright law and fair use guidelines.
  • A video tutorial that explains what KU faculty can and cannot share or use based on the license agreement between the Copyright Clearance Center and Kaplan University.

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All faculty who teach Writing Across the Curriculum would benefit from reading and bookmarking the Plagiarism Information Page (PIP).

The PIP is part of the Kaplan University Writing Center’s new website in the Kaplan University Online Library where faculty and students can access the resources without having to login to KU Campus, and so the academic community at large can use and share the resources as well.

Kaplan faculty in the School of General Education also have a link to the PIP in their classrooms, and throughout the coming year, the link will be added to all online classrooms at Kaplan, so all instructors can stay steps ahead of plagiarism and be on the same page.

For questions or comments about the Plagiarism Information Page, you may write me at

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