Presenting at a Conference Near You: The KUWC at ECWCA

Lisa Gerardy, Kaplan University Writing Center Specialist and Chrissine Rios, Kaplan University Writing Center Tutor

You might expect to see the Kaplan University Writing Center represented at online professional conferences–from Kaplan’s own KU Village online to the TCC Worldwide Online Conference, staff and leadership of our online Writing Center regularly present virtually. However, KUWC staff and leadership also travel and present at national and regional conferences on-ground, and this year our presentations celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

In March, 2014, staff and leadership from the Kaplan University Writing Center met at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio to present at the East Central Writing Centers Association conference. Not only did the team travel to present at the conference, but some team members made the trip to meet their co-workers in person for the first time. The Kaplan University Writing Center is entirely online, so the faculty and staff who run it work from their home offices in different states.

The group did two presentations. The first group, which included Kyle Harley, Amy Sexton, Melody Pickle, Kurtis Clements, Chrissine Rios, and Lisa Gerardy detailed the history of the KUWC and its changing use of technology. Because the KUWC has been around for a full decade now, each member of the presentation team was able to show how much the technology has changed for each part of the Writing Center. The part of the presentation that interested the audience most was when tutor Chrissine Rios joined the panel remotely to present on our tutoring platform via the Adobe Connect KUWC tutoring room itself.


KUWC Writing and ELL Support Tutor, Chrissine Rios presents via the Internet.

The KUWC leadership team did the second Kaplan University presentation. Director and Chair, Michael Keathley began the presentation with an overview of the Writing Across Curriculum program, the Writing Center, and his role as leader. Next, Assistant Chair Kurtis Clements, Writing Across the Curriculum Specialist Melody Pickle, and Writing Center Specialist Lisa Gerardy each discussed how their roles play a part in the success of the Writing Center.


Kyle, Amy, Lisa, Kurtis, Mike, and Melody at ECWCA

The ECWCA Conference was a great opportunity for the entire KUWC team. Even those staff members who could not travel to Miami University will benefit from the knowledge gained from those who did attend the many sessions offered at the conference. Where will you be presenting next? Whether regional or national, online or on ground, be sure to check the program for the Kaplan University Writing Center team. There’s a good chance we will be presenting, and we would love to meet you!

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