Here’s a New Writing Center Video to Help First-Term Students Access the Writing Center

by Chrissine Rios, MA, Kaplan University Writing Center

Writing Center success, above all, takes getting students through the door, be it a virtual door or one hinged to a wall. Instructors remain a Writing Center’s greatest allies for spreading the word about the writing support available. (Thank you, instructors!) Yet even when help is a few clicks away, it can take time for new online students to acquire the web skills needed to navigate beyond their course homepage and access the live services once there.

The newest introduction video for the KUWC takes this into account. Only one minute and 27 seconds long with hot spots that open the service pages directly, the students who need help the most—those struggling academically, in their first term, or in need of learner readiness support—will know where to go, what to do, and how to get there. If you are a KU instructor, please share it with all your students: 

To everyone who teaches, tutors, manages, or directs writing programs or writing centers elsewhere, let us know in the comments how you reach your first-term students. Perhaps a video like this would work for your students too!

KUWC Intro Video: Click to Open

KUWC Intro Video: Click to Open

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