Writing Center Resource Spotlight: Power Paragraphs

By Chrissine Rios, MA, Purdue University Global Writing Center Tutor

Paragraphs are building blocks.

Paragraphs are building blocks.

A popular analogy compares paragraphs to building blocks. The analogy helps student writers understand that paragraphs are the units or individual points of a unified discussion.

But, to me, blocks do not capture or depict the intricacies and patterns of language that give a composition depth and appeal.


Paragraphs are a tapestry.

Paragraphs are a tapestry.

Paragraphs more aptly resemble a tapestry. They embody all the words and sentences, points, and details that attentive writers weave into an original piece.

Both analogies show how paragraphs are pieces of a whole. Whether blocks of a structure or threads in material, paragraphs give writing form, function, and style.

In a recent workshop at the Writing Center, I discussed paragraphs and what makes them coherent and powerful. I specifically identified six features that would help new and experienced writers alike become more attentive to what they are saying and skilled at how.

Purdue University Global Writing Center workshops in general cover effective strategies, best practices, and skill-building tools for academic writers. And our lively tutors make learning the expectations of college writing fun.

While the live presentations are accessible to PG students only, the Writing Center happily makes archived workshops available on our Student Webinar Calendar. I hope you enjoy my workshop on “Power Paragraphs.” Please share it!

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