Resource Spotlight: 3 NEW Effective Writing Podcasts

By Chrissine Rios, MA, Purdue University Global Writing Center, Tutor

Until this week, Purdue University Global (Purdue Global) Composition students have had exclusive access to three new Effective Writing Podcasts from podcaster Kurtis Clements who offers some of the best writing advice around for students who need a deeper understanding of important concepts and processes quickly.   Kurtis was a writing tutor in the Purdue Global Writing Center when he began producing the extremely popular Effective Writing Podcast Series in 2011.  However, when he became the Assistant Chair of Composition at the start of 2012, the series seemed concluded at episode 36.  Happily, this is not so!

Kurtis produced three podcasts specifically for Composition that he recently offered to the Writing Center for publication with the original series, and they are excellent!  (Thank you, Kurtis!)

 APA Reference Page Checklist

Argument and the Toulmin Model of Argument

Using Signal Phrases and Interacting with Texts

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    APA Reference Page Checklist

    Argument and the Toulmin Model of Argument

    Using Signal Phrases and Interacting with Texts

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