Saving Time with Tutoring

By Amy Sexton, Writing Center tutor

Managing our time successfully can be a challenge for all of us, and college students may be especially busy.  They are juggling school assignments, papers, and seminars and various other major responsibilities including families, jobs, military service, and community work. In the Academic Support Center, we understand that students’ time is limited and valuable.  This is one reason that our centers offer a combined 150 live tutoring hours per week: we know that attending tutoring can actually save students time.

Purdue University Global (Purdue Global) students often visit Live Tutoring for help understanding new and/or confusing course concepts or terminology, for example. Because all Purdue University Global Academic Support Center tutors hold graduate degrees in their fields, tutors will most likely be very familiar with the concepts or ideas that students are learning about and will be able to explain them in ways that foster understanding. Students can spend a lot of time alone struggling with working a math problem, troubleshooting a PowerPoint issue, or figuring out how to cite an unusual source, or they can invest 20 minutes into a tutorial session and speak to an educator who can provide expert and immediate guidance, feedback, and support.

Academic Support Center tutors are also extremely knowledgeable about the resources in our centers, including archived workshops, written tutorials, podcasts, and short videos.  We can quickly and easily direct students to these so they do not spend a lot of time searching for the best resource. We can even show them how to most effectively use the resources and services that we offer.

Tutors can also help students save time by clarifying assignment directions, helping them plan realistic schedules for completing big assignments, pointing out errors in their work, unraveling common misconceptions, brainstorming ideas with them, providing feedback, suggesting revision strategies, sharing our own tips for successful study habits, and much more.

The next time that students say that they do not have time to go to tutoring, ask them to consider the opposite perspective:  seeking tutorial assistance can, in reality, save them time.    If they are Purdue Global students, direct them to the Academic Support Center for live tutoring so that they can learn first-hand how working with experienced and professional tutors can help them find answers to their questions, get their course work done more quickly, and save time in the process.


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4 Responses

  1. kuwcnews says:

    Thanks so much! We love supporting students and equipping them for success!
    ~ Amy

  2. Great post once again! My students in HS100 just love all the help that they learn about in my class and how wonderful and supportive everyone is to help them be a success in college and in life! Thanks for being such a valuable source once again!

  3. kuwcnews says:

    You’re welcome, Melody! It was easy to add details as we often hear directly from our students that attending tutoring ultimately saves them time.

  4. Thank you for this timely message, Amy. Having a good support system is important for everyone as they navigate life and especially education. The Kaplan Academic Support Centers are an important piece of that support system for students. I really like how you explained those details here. This is truly a great way to think about tutoring!

    Thanks again!

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