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Research writing is time consuming, and for many student researchers, questions pop up along the way. Am I citing this source correctly? Have I paraphrased effectively? Am I using too many direct quotations? And on and on. 

Fortunately, the Writing Center at Purdue Global University has a number of helpful resources to assist you in expediting the process, and they can all be found on the Academic Success & Writing Resource Center & Blog, which you can subscribe to here

What follows are some of my favorite resources about the research writing. 

Have questions related to APA Style formatting from the title page to the list of references? Check out the Writing Center’s YouTube channel for a collection of informative how-to videos.

For a general overview of writing a research paper that discusses narrowing a topic, using sources, and documenting research, consult the text-based resource Writing a Research Paper.

For more comprehensive information, bookmark How to Write Effectively When Using Sources.

If you like the idea of one-stop shopping, then you will appreciate the Writing Center’s Using Sources & APA Style one-stop hub for resources.

One of the hardest parts of research writing is working with sources. Paraphrasing effectively, weaving in direct quotations, and balancing original content with research are skills that student writers need to cultivate. For help with these topics, consult the following resources:

For helpful advice about paraphrasing check out the Paraphrasing resource as well as the video tutorial A Quick Guide to Paraphrasing

For help weaving in quotations, the Writing Center has a resource aptly titled Quoting.

For help using source material effectively, check out the podcasts Patchwriting and 80/20 Principle.

Finally, for those concerned about plagiarism when writing a research-based paper, the Writing Center has a collection of plagiarism frequently asked questions with lots of great information. 

All writers find writing with research a challenge. Experienced writers know something those with less experience don’t: it’s helpful to confer with a friend in the process. And to this end, the Writing Center is that friend.

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Kurtis Clements

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