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Hey, everyone, this is Kurtis from the Writing Center with an update on the Academic Success Center blogcast schedule. This post will be the last weekly Friday post as we will be moving to a biweekly publishing schedule. Additionally, while I will still write and record blogcasts, we will welcome new voices from Purdue University Global. 

You can expect the next post on April 2. 

Until then, let me leave you with this fabulous video by Robley Hood from the Writing Center that speaks to the reasons we write. 

Kurtis Clements

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  1. MaryAnn Redding says:

    I want to know or we born to be a writer? Do you have to be trained to become a professional writer. What does a writing course consist of? What writing process do you need to become a professional writer?

    • Hi MaryAnn, Thanks for the great questions, which are challenging to answer. I think that some people have talent, and in this regard, they may be natural writers, but that doesn’t mean such people would not have to work hard and be dedicated to the craft. Writing is a skill and a skill can be learned, so in this sense, someone can be “trained” to be a “professional” writer of one sort or another. Writing courses are varied, but what each affords the learner is someone with knowledge on the topic to act as a guide. The best way to improve at anything is to practice, so if someone wants to become a professional writer, a good start to reaching that goal is to practice. I hope these brief answers are helpful. –Kurtis

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