The PG Library:  It’s Worth an Indiana Jones Sequel!

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Susquehanna Jones was an amateur bibliographer, and had traveled the world searching for the best repositories of knowledge. Yet the ultimate one had eluded her: the legendary Temple of Bloom, that edifice in Purdue Global where ideas were born, confusion was clarified, citations were verified, information was revealed – and students’ minds bloomed.  Finally, she uncovered it, and found passageway after passageway after passageway of bits and bytes sequestered in highways, side streets, promenades, alleyways, and footpaths: Susquehanna was overwhelmed – where to start the search?  Ah, but the entrance had a guardian/liaison/guide with the name … Librarian.  It was now clear what Susquehanna had discovered, and that for so many was a rumor or myth, yet those who came before knew its valued worth:  the PG Library!!

For Susquehanna had an assignment that brought her on this quest, and her professor gave this dictum: “Go, ye, and seek out the Purdue Global Library. It will amaze, enthrall, entertain, and assist so any assignment can become a smooth effort.  Both of us shall smile with what you find, what you use!”  The beginning seemed simple enough: a live link with one word:  “Library.”   Yet once clicked those passageways appeared, each shouting, “Try me!  Try me!”  How easy it would be to lose direction, to wander aimlessly, eventually collapsing in a video on a snowstorm or in a concordance on French poetry or an article on varicose veins.  But Susquehanna’s professor was beyond smart: guidance was given, a compass of how to start and where to continue. 

One initiates with an idea: perhaps a writing project, maybe a science experiment, possibly a business plan, even a notion of fuzziness … the possibilities are endless. Yet only this one item is required from the PG library.  The next step would be one of two possibilities:  begin a Library Search or contact a PG Librarian (the word “Help!” in the subject line is suggested).  With the former approach there are several choices: Library Search (for info on various subjects, in books, websites, etc.), Publication Finder (to find articles, e-books, etc.), FAQ & Site (translation:  the Library’s blog and news about the Library).  Yet these were but a few appetizers of many entrees from which to order in the PG Library.  It could be overwhelming, but Susquehanna went back to another of her professor’s gems:  “Take your time to explore all the links … get to know every room, every closet, every shelf in the PG Library … bookmark or jot down what can be of use for this assignment and other possible assignments.  This will save you time and effort!” So Susquehanna did what she did best: explore.

What first caught her attention was the heading Quick Links. Underneath there were six live links, each hungry for a visit, each holding gems of wisdom, of assistance, of guidelines: Academic Writer (everything one needed to become an improved writer); Library Videos & Tutorials (a plethora of informative videos on research, as well as more than 400 tutorial videos on a wide range of subjects); Library Support (contact a Librarian:  email, live chat, and book an appointment);  All Library Guides (also accessed through Library Videos & Tutorials); Academic Success Center (wow, oh, wow, oh wow was all Susquehanna could think upon entering here: tutoring, webinars, various subject centers, the anything of APA 7th edition, inclusive language guidelines–and the list went on;  she would put aside special time to dissect this link); and the Concord Law School Guide (how nice, she mused: a site specifically for our law students).

Whew – Susquehanna had to rest a bit; this PG Library was seemingly beyond the stories of its wealth she had heard.  Yet before looking at new links she was curious about the first one she spied: Library Search.  There was an option to type in “Key Words,” so as a joke she put in “sea dragons.”  Nothing … nothing – then suddenly not only were there journals and periodicals and e-books and others on the subject, but the margin said there were 173,000 plus results!!  Looking closer Susquehanna saw the PG Library offered a variety of ways to narrow her search and several citation formats for each item!  Ah, no doubt her assignment research would be found, and it would be credible and thorough.

But wait: in small print, underneath the subject line, read Advanced Search?  How much more advanced could it be than what Susquehanna already found?  She clicked it, and eyes dazzled:  not only could she quickly narrow her research trip by discipline (Biology, History, Life Sciences, Literature & Writing, and many more) but also to be found were tools to locate images; translation services; a mixture of PG Library collections; various modes of search; and much more!  Yes: she could become a scholar, an authority, an intellect!  

Susquehanna was drained, but in such a good way.  There was still so much more to learn about this trove of wisdom: databases yet to peruse (six of the most popular ones were listed) and links at the top to visit (Search, Support, Other Services).  One link at the top, though, was too tantalizing not to pop in:  About.  Again, surprise: a Library Team that made it all happen, that was responsible for the excellence making the PG Library worth the accolades and huzzahs Susquehanna had experienced tossed its way. Yes, she sampled the appetizers; and, yes, the menu of services was expansive.   It was now time for the “dessert”:  to give her professor the assignment that was bloomed from the PG Library, one that no doubt would shout, “Hey, I’m PG Library certified – and that means what you’ll read will be excellent!”

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  1. Wow, what an entertaining and captivating article! Comparing the Purdue Global Library to an Indiana Jones sequel is such a clever analogy. Just like Indiana Jones, the library offers countless adventures and treasures waiting to be discovered. The way you describe the library’s vast resources and knowledgeable staff truly sparks curiosity and excitement. It’s evident that this is a place where students can embark on thrilling intellectual journeys. Thank you for reminding us that the pursuit of knowledge can be just as thrilling as any Hollywood blockbuster. Great job!
    – Martin Williamson

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