MAPP 2: Stay Focused

My Action Plan for Procrastination (MAPP) 2: Stay Focused presents strategies for preparing to learn so you can stay focused, including how to use the Pomodoro Technique and “diffuse” learning time.


Use MAPP 2 and the NEXT STEP strategies to stay focused.

MAPP 2: Stay Focused (6 min.): Learn how procrastination keeps you from focusing and about the key strategies and brain boosters that can help you overcome it.

  • Next Step: Minimize Distractions (1 min.): Learn how to prepare for learning by creating a space that is conducive for focusing and getting started.
  • Next Step: Pomodoro Technique (1 min.): Learn how to use the Pomodoro Technique to improve your focus and reduce stress.
  • Next step: Maintain a Learning Mindset (1 min.): Learn how to shift your mindset to stay focused on learning.
  • Next Step: Interleaving Tasks (1 min.): Learn how to interleave tasks to keep your focus when you have multiple assignments or tasks to complete.

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