MAPP 3: Keep Learning

My Action Plan for Procrastination (MAPP) 3: Keep Learning presents strategies for overcoming procrastination caused by being overwhelmed and having a lot to learn in little time.


Use MAPP 3 to improve your memory and retention skills in order to build on your knowledge and keep learning!

MAPP 3: Keep Learning (5 min.): Learn how procrastination hinders your ability to recall and retain your learning and about the chunking strategy and brain boosters that can help you overcome it.

  • Next Step: Improve Note Taking With Graphic Organizers (1 min. video): Learn strategies for rewriting notes using graphic organizers to improve comprehension and recall.
  • Next Step: Chunking Reading for Recall (1 min. video): Learn strategies for chunking a long text in order to make connections, so the reading sticks with you.

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