A First Look at the New Paraphrasing Quick Guide Video

A quick guide to paraphrasingBy Joni Boone

Incorporating research into papers and projects is a difficult task for many students, and learning to paraphrase is a key component of that task.  I often find that showing students the difference between a sloppy piece of patchwriting and a properly paraphrased passage can help them understand the difference between paraphrasing and unintentionally plagiarizing.  Then the task becomes guiding the student through a strategy he or she can use to create a proper paraphrase.

Watch The

 Paraphrasing Video Tutorial

The Kaplan University Writing Center now offers a quick video guide, less than 4 minutes, that does all of the above.  The video explains what paraphrasing is and outlines strategies to strengthen paraphrasing skills.  You and your students can find the Kaplan University Writing Center’s Quick Guide to Paraphrasing here.

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